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Karel Von Ascheberg

Instructional Design & 

eLearning Specialist


Raised in the US and in France, Mark "Karel" began his career in 1995, serving for 15 years as a training manager, bilingual designer and instructor for various IT organizations (Clifford Chance Paris, ORSYP, IBM), writing numerous manuals and teaching aids and then logging thousands of hours in the classroom using this content.


In 2010, he designed a comprehensive eLearning platform from scratch for ORSYP (now a Broadcom company). He evaluated, deployed and administered the LMS, developed over 50 courses in IT Operations, DevOps and Performance Management and supported more than 50,000 individual users. In 2018, he started Cursivepoint, a boutique office that specializes in the design of custom learning products for software and IT vendors, with a focus on ITOps and Cloud solutions.  He currently lives in Providence, RI


MBA - Babson College (2007)

BA - ISIT Paris (1996) 


I have worked over a year closely with Karel to deliver two consecutive enterprise-size strategic projects for interactive eLearning at Smart. In both cases my experience with Karel was excellent: he showed exceptional skills, record time delivery, high adaptability, fast learning capabilities, excellent organization, and great attention to details. These allowed us to deliver both projects on time, with high quality, and without any issues. [...]


Fabio Martin - Technical Solutions Manager at Smart AdServer US

Friction-free, swift turnaround and quality content. Karel produced a series of educational videos for us and I was impressed by the ease and speed with which he delivered them. He required only minimal input from my team and hit the ground running, in the best manner imaginable.

Elina McCafferty - Senior Manager at CA Technologies, A Broadcom company

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